Baking Security into Your Software Delivery Pipeline

Session Description

Security and compliance are critical to every software business – today more than ever, given recent increase in data breaches and looming cyber-security threats. Security is everyone’s responsibility: these days, if you build it, you run it – and you secure it! Along with increased agility and velocity, DevOps also provides a HUGE opportunity for better security and reliability. DevSecOps patterns have emerged to “Shift-left” security, enabling both Dev and Ops to take an active - and proactive - role in securing our applications, environments, and data. By baking-in security as an integral part of the delivery pipeline, organizations mitigate risk and achieve better security, auditory safeguards and improved efficiency. So where to start? In this Breakout Session, Shozab Naqvi of CloudBees will demonstrate must-haves tips, easy to implement security checks and best practices for practical steps to incorporate security practices from the start. These enable you to create an effective and viable security layer for your code and software delivery pipelines.

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