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DevOps World Tour 2023

Elevate Your DevOps Game at DevOps World

Uncover exclusive insights on modern software delivery, DevSecOps, and open source at DevOps World. Hands-on workshops and networking.

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Join the Future of DevOps

Join us at DevOps World 2023 in 5 cities across 3 countries!

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Get insights from top DevOps experts

Get practical guidance, tips, and learn the latest trends in DevOps technologies and solutions.

Gain new perspective

Gain new perspective, push your boundaries, and find inspiration

DevOps World TOUR

DevOps World TOUR is coming to a city near you with events in multiple cities across the US, UK, and Asia!

Step into the Future at DevOps World 2023


Visionary Speakers

Learn from the best in the industry, gain exclusive insights, and be inspired by our star-studded speaker lineup!


Global Locations

Immerse yourself in top-notch facilities across five carefully selected cities. Feel the pulse of innovation wherever you are!


Power-Packed Sessions

Each location boasts an exciting line-up of sessions, diving deep into the next frontier of DevOps innovation!

Speaker Highlights

Discover some of the visionary enterprise DevOps leaders lighting up the stage at this year's DevOps World Tour.
Speaker headshot


Chief Product Officer, CloudBees

Tracy Bannon


Software Architect and Digital Transformation Advisor, The MITRE Corporation

William (Bill) Bensing


Author and Governance Engineering Evangelist



Staff Software Engineer, New York Times

Patrick Debois


VP Engineering, Showpad

Mirco Hering


Global DevOps Lead, Accenture

Topo Pal


Vice President, Architecture, Fidelity Investments

John Willis


Founder Botchagalupe Technologies and Co-Author Investments Unlimited

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Get answers to your questions

  • What is DevOps World?

    Join the ultimate gathering of thought leaders, practitioners, and contributors at DevOps World. Get ready for visionary talks, compelling use cases and expert training that inspire you to mobilize digital transformation while creating exceptional customer experiences and accelerating better business outcomes.

    Connect with like-minded peers, learn from the best, and stay ahead of the competition! Come unlock the future of modern software delivery at DevOps World near you.

  • Who should attend DevOps World?

    DevOps World is a must-attend event for anyone dedicated to shaping the future of modern software delivery. Whether you're an experienced DevOps practitioner, a visionary thought leader, or just starting your journey, DevOps World has something for everyone.

    DevOps Engineers, Architects, SREs, System Administrators, Developers, CIOs/CISOs/CTOs, IT Managers and anyone passionate about DevOps and it's evolving landscape!

  • Where is DevOps World 2023?

    Each week in May and June, we'll announce where the tour will stop across multiple cities in the US, UK, and Asia. Don't miss out on your chance to be among the first to know where this year's tour will take place! Sign-up today for updates and stay ahead of the curve.

  • What sponsorships are available?

    Sponsorship packages will be announced in March. Sign-up to be added to the mailing list.

  • How can I present at DevOps World?

    We won't have an open CFP for DevOps World this year; however, if you have a compelling story to present on topics like Security and Risk Management, Digital Twins, AI Risks to the Market Place, Accelerating Digital Transformation in Finance, or Securely Modernizing Legacy Financial Systems, please contact a member of the team.

  • I was registered to attend DevOps World 2022; how can I attend this year's event?

    We can't wait for you to join us at DevOps World this fall! Contact our team at to get your transfer code to join the event in a city near you.

    DevOps World registration is expected to launch on June 21, 2023. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach the next level with your DevOps journey.

  • How can I find out more about this year's events?

    Sign-up to be added to the mailing list