A New Frontier: AI’s Influence on DevOps and the Marketplace

Session Description

Join distinguished tech expert, Daniel Ritchie, in "A New Frontier: AI’s Influence on DevOps and the Marketplace," an insightful exploration into how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the DevOps landscape and transforming the marketplace. Daniel will highlight the significant shifts AI is driving in Devops, and discuss how these changes are creating a competitive edge within the industry. This presentation is not only a deep-dive into the technical aspects but also an analysis of the broader market implications of the AI revolution in DevOps. Prepare for a thought-provoking session that offers a glimpse into the future of an industry where AI-driven DevOps becomes the norm and how businesses can adapt to this evolving landscape. An engaging and informative journey for DevOps professionals, business leaders, and technology enthusiasts alike.

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