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What practitioners and executives can expect to learn at DevOps World 2022

Saskia Sawyerr
Director, Global Events Marketing at CloudBees

DevOps World 2022 is just around the corner. On November 9, the DevOps community will gather virtually for a curated collection of innovative and informative talks from technology peers and solution architects alike.

This year's theme is the DevOps Remix. DevOps World 2022 is leaning into the faster tempo and rapid changes that come with modern DevOps deployments to provide a more nimble, energized, and harmonious environment.

That's the TL;DR version. Curious about what else you'll learn at this year's DevOps World? Let's dive in.

Time for the remix

The DevOps Remix has arrived. Everything about work has changed, and it's time for a new version of a great song.

With a focus on new perspectives, inspirational keynotes, and peer learnings, DevOps World 2022 won't just be a great time; it also has the potential to help companies better understand problematic paradigms and embrace the need for continual evolution. From progressive software delivery to value stream management (VSM), AIOps and XOps, everything is part of the mix when it comes to making DevOps better by creating new paths and enabling faster code releases.

It's time for a new beat and a new chorus. It's time for DevOps to take center stage as the new way forward and the new sound on the block. Let's see what's in store.

The practitioner perspective

DevOps World 2022 is chock-full of great speakers and sessions that offer actionable insights for practitioners. Some of the highlights include the following:

"How did we reduce 35% of Jenkins failures at Broadcom" — Peter Liu, Software Development Manager at Broadcom

Learn how Broadcom used a data-led approach to accelerate CI/CD efforts for over 600 engineers; Peter will dive into his five-steep process in this 15-minute lightning talk.

Practitioners can bring back actionable advice that both lets them create a better developer pipeline and provides the foundation for further development.

"Automating our Software Release Process Internally at CloudBees" — Drew Piland, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Logan Donley, Technical Evangelist and Urvashi Singh, Lead Architect at CloudBees

Will your current solution provide the flexibility required to continuously scale across a constantly growing set of platforms? How quickly are you able to complete the necessary tests?

Learn first-hand how CloudBees uses thier CD/RO solution internally to automate the release process, and how they expedite product improvement for their customers.

"Creating Scalable DevOps Practices" — Ken Muse, Senior DevOps Architect at GitHub

Teams grow, and products change — but what about the DevOps practices supporting them? Explore with Ken key techniques that practitioners can use to ensure their practices will mature with their teams.

"Developer Productivity Engineering – The Next Big Thing in Software Development" — Justin Reock, Field CTO and Chief Evangelist at Gradle, Inc.

Jenkins, Maven, and Gradle offer a host of functionality, but this doesn't mean they're perfect. Justin Reock explores the concept and impact of developer productivity engineering (DPE) and how it can help practitioners and team leaders better meet both software and business goals by integrating a build cache into these tools.

The executive experience

DevOps World 2022 also offers a host of sessions and connections for executives looking for that next edge on the competition.

"ADSOME MAGIC to Efficiently Create the Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap" — Mark Sternberger, President at MarkITS

Struggling with your digital transformation roadmap? ADSOME magic. Mark Sternberger offers an overview of the Agile-DevSecOps Maturity Enablement (ADSOME) framework and how it can help companies create effective roadmaps to achieve compounding productivity gains.

Every executive likes to hear about productivity gains, especially year over year. Sternberger's session provides the ADSOME overview C-suite members need to take this approach back to the office and make it a part of everyday DevOps culture.

"The Compliance Tax and How It Is Slowing Innovation" — Tim Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at CloudBees

Compliance is creating a barrier to innovation. Tim Johnson offers a model for calculating the total cost of your security and compliance burden and digs into the role of automation in creating continuous compliance that makes room for innovation. He also explores the impact of "shift-left" as a DevOps anti-pattern and what executives can do to empower teams without ending up on the wrong side of compliance.

Put simply? Compliance concerns are inevitable and ongoing. By understanding what it costs your organization, you can start taking steps to pay less tax without putting regulatory rigor at risk.

Ready to see (and hear) what else the DevOps Remix has to offer? Come explore DevOps World 2022.

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