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How DevOps World 2022 can help you network, connect, and advance your career

Saskia Sawyerr
Director, Global Events Marketing at CloudBees

It's that time of year again—on November 9, DevOps World 2022 kicks off in Orlando, Fla.

Given that it's one of the best DevOps conferences worldwide, this probably doesn't come as a surprise, but you might still be wondering: Is it worth attending? What will I learn? Can both employees and executives benefit?

The answer to all three questions is a resounding yes. Here's why.

Benefit 1: Networking events

Networking is all about sharing best practices. It's what makes the best DevOps conferences stand out from the rest, and it's what helps drive the future of DevOps insight.

At DevOps World 2022, this starts with compelling keynote speakers and multiple session tracks—practitioner, leadership, community, finance, and public sector—and it continues with the chance to participate in spontaneous "hallway sessions" with presenters or dig deeper into a compelling topic with your peers. Dedicated alcove spaces in front of the main ballrooms offer the perfect place to explore session insights, play video games with other attendees, or simply take a quiet minute to gather your thoughts before you jump back into the action.

By prioritizing interaction over simple information delivery, attendees get the best of both worlds: The chance to gain insights from top industry speakers and explore these insights in detail.

Benefit 2: Opportunities to connect

DevOps is a contact sport. By building connections with other practitioners, team leaders, and executives, DevOps experts can gain new perspectives that help them build out new and more effective operations.

DevOps World 2022 facilitates this connective framework by offering various opportunities to have fun and engage. From the kickoff party with DJ Button Masher to giant Jenga, oversized foosball, and fitness sessions to the closing party and awards ceremony, attendees can choose the type of activity that works best for them. The result is conference connections that share technical insights and business benefits long after the conference is over. Put simply? It's all about reintroducing attendees to the DevOps community. After two years of postponed conferences and virtual meetings, it's time to come back in person, get to know other experts, and explore what's new in development, operations, security, AIOps, and XOps.

Benefit 3: Career advancements

DevOps is undergoing significant change right now. It makes sense: As a framework that focuses on continuous development and integration, DevOps is constantly evolving. The last two years, meanwhile, have supercharged the need for agile, on-demand software delivery environments capable of withstanding changes as they occur.

DevOps World 2022 offers practitioners and executives alike the chance to better understand DevOps advancements and implement policies and processes capable of capitalizing on changing market conditions.

For example, practitioners can benefit from sessions such as "Speeding up Jenkins, Maven, and Gradle With Build Cache" from Field CTO and Chief Evangelist Justin Reock of Gradlie, Inc., while executives can gain an edge with sessions such as "The Compliance Tax and How It Is Slowing Innovation" from Tim Johnson, CloudBees Director of Product Marketing. There's also the opportunity for expert training in CloudBees CD/RO, CloudBees CI, CloudBees Feature Management, and the CloudBees platform.

The result is a better understanding of both where DevOps is at present and where it's going. Equipped with actionable knowledge, practitioners and executives can return home with insight and innovative approaches that don't just reinvent the wheel but offer a better way to roll.

Answering the conference call

It's time to get back to connection, back to networking, and back to working together to drive DevOps advancement. In other words, it's just about time for DevOps World 2022. If you're looking for a way to recharge, jumpstart new connections, and see what's new in DevOps, there's no better place to start.

The time is almost here: See you at DevOps World 2022! Register today.

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