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DevOps World 2022: 5 reasons managers should send their teams

Saskia Sawyerr
Director, Global Events Marketing at CloudBees

From September 27-29 at the Orlando World Center Mariott in Orlando, Fla., the world's biggest DevOps and Jenkins conference—aptly named DevOps World 2022—kicks off with two days of expert sessions, networking, and exhibits.

Not surprisingly, the conference is a hot ticket for DevOps teams, but for executives approving requests and allocating budgets for conferences, it can often be a harder sell. From teams taking time away from work to the uncertainty around specific conference benefits, C-suite members often hesitate to green-light attendance.

This article breaks down five reasons it's worth the time and money for managers to send their teams to DevOps World 2022.

Making the case: 5 reasons to attend DevOps World 2022

1. Practical knowledge

The first reason—and benefit—is the practical knowledge staff can gain by attending DevOps World 2022.

This year's event features more than 100 breakout sessions with speakers from 18 countries. Session topics include everything from deep dives into supply chain vulnerabilities and agile cyber security to feature flag management and in-depth Jenkins Q&A. In other words, if it's about DevOps, it's being discussed at the event.

This not only gives employees a host of options to choose from when they're selecting sessions, but it also lets executives select specific topics that would best benefit business operations. Consider an organization looking to improve value stream management (VSM) and delivery. On September 29 at 11:45 a.m., there's a session titled "Effectively Using DORA and SPACE Frameworks to Improve Value Stream Management and Delivery," making it an ideal fit for teams taking on this challenge.

2. In-person connections

Attending DevOps World 2022 also comes with the benefit of in-person connections. This is especially critical after the past two years have kept professionals physically distanced. Although video conferencing offers value in communicating new ideas and imparting new knowledge, participants miss the give-and-take that comes with in-person interaction.

This is especially true for post-session brainstorming and discussion that sees DevOps pros leveraging what they've just learned to explore new topics and create new approaches. If managers want their teams to get the most from DevOps conferences, attending in-person is key.

3. New perspectives

DevOps is changing. From progressive software delivery to VSM, AIOPs and XOps, DevOps is undergoing a "remix." New paths and new beats are combining to create faster code releases that are critical to drive business value and provide exceptional customer experiences.

DevOps conferences make it possible for teams to explore these new perspectives in a collaborative and collegial setting, enabling them to directly engage with experts in their fields and discover what practical tips and technologies they can take back to improve business operations.

4. Technology certifications

Staff also have the opportunity to complete training for certifications during many conferences. For example, at DevOps World 2022, training and certification for CloudBees CD/RO, CI, and Feature Management are available as two-part courses on September 26 and 27. This gives DevOps professionals not only the chance to expand their knowledge but also gain critical skills that both boost business value and prepare teams for more in-depth DevOps initiatives.

5. Social networking

Last, but certainly not least, conferences make it possible for staff to experience social networking—and have some fun. At DevOps World 2022, attendees will get to rock out with DJ Button Masher; play giant Jenga, Puttskee, and 10-player foosball; and take part in fitness sessions on the morning of September 29. Add in the closing party and awards celebration and it's easy to see how the event is a great way for your team to blow off some steam, boost morale, and get to know other experts in the industry.

For employees, attending events such as DevOps World 2022 lets them connect with other experts both professionally and socially to help build long-lasting and reciprocal work relationships. For executives, conferences offer the opportunity for staff to earn new certifications and gain new knowledge that directly benefits business operations.

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